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We are thrilled to offer overdyed floss from ThreadworX. ThreadworX is using the same dye formulae as Needle Neccesities (now out of business). Only the color names and numbers have changed. You'll still find your favorite color combinations and delight in new colors added by ThreadworX.

You’ll love the exciting effects produced by using overdyed floss for your next smocking project. How we wish we could carry all 200+ colors offered by ThreadworX! Shown below are our favorites and those we feel work well for smocking. Take a look—some of them are recent additions. The color names are very descriptive and the images are fairly representative, but color ranges with approximate DMC color numbers have been added to help in your selection. The old Needle Neccesities (NN) numbers are also included for reference. 20 yards per skein. $4.10 ea.

At the very bottom of the page is an Information Primer on smocking with ThreadworX Overdyed Floss. Feel free to copy and print it for your own use.

We can now accept major credit cards for your order. Please call 410.721.3245, Monday-Friday, 10:00AM - 5:00PM, EST. OR you may send check or money order ($US, please) payable to CLASSIC CREATIONS, 1787 Regents Park Rd., Crofton, MD 21114. Don’t forget to include shipping as noted at the bottom of this page.
Top to Bottom:
1007 (NN104) SOFT LIGHTS mint green/lavender pastels (369/ 211/3756)
1010 (NN1061) ALOHA icy lt blues (828/3456)
1015 (NN110) ICE BLUE pale to med blues (794/793/800/3747/341)
1016 (NN1101) CRYSTAL BLUE lt to med baby blues (3755/322)
1019 (NN1121) MOON DUST pale bluish grey and aqua (3756/3761/3741)
1025 (NN116) BLUE NAVY royal to midnight blues (798/797/796)
10261 (NN1162) NATURE’S BERRIES delft blues to garnet red (809/798/814)
10301 (NN1201) SAMPSON warm pale beige creams (3865/3866/543)
10342 EARTH STONES warm brown/tan/rust (839/3776/921)
1038 (NN126) CHERRY COLA taupes to wines (3032/841/3726)
Top to bottom:
1044 (NN1301) CHILI PEPPERS burnt oranges to med greens (3777/3826/3012/986)
10471 (NN1321) GRASS IS GREEN shaded greens (368/367/987)
10522 (NN1343) BANANA SUSANNA soft teals to greenish yellow (3849/3848/165)
1053 (NN135) DREAMSCAPE rich seafoam greens, blues (993/992/991/798)
1054 (NN135) PACIFIC ISLANDS misty lt blues, greens (828/932/564)
1055 (NN1352) SUMMER SKIES lt to med sky blues (747/519)
1059 (NN1372) MYSTIQUE aquamarine to green (943/701)
10592 (NN1392) WILDFLOWERS medium pastel rainbow (3689/210/772/341/598)
1062 (NN1391) PASTEL SUNSET shell pinks, chartreuse, lt green/blue (224/3819/1816)
1068 (NN1413) HAWAIIAN FLOWERS sage to yellow green with lavender (522/3348/155))
Top to bottom:
1078 (NN1471) PASTEL BOUQUET muted lavender, copper, sage, gold (3041/3778/522/3046)
1081 (NN149) SHORTCAKE muted plums to taupe (778/3727/316/642)
10811 LADY SLIPPER pastel pink/mint green & ecru (605/955/3865)
1083 (NN150) ROMANTIC WEDDING pink to green to burgundy (224/924/902)
1085 (NN1511) CHRISTMAS TIME Christmas greens and reds (319/702/321/498)
1088 (NN1521) SOCIETY LIFE red and purple (321/327)
1090 (NN1531) RED LIPSTICK Christmas reds (347/666/3801)
1096 (NN155) RENAISSANCE bright corals to wine (957/956/351/ 3685)
1099 (NN157) SWEET INNOCENCE lt to med pinks (605/604)
1100 (NN1571) HOT PINK shaded pinks (602, 604, 3804)
Top to bottom:
11011 (NN1572) HYDRANGEA pinks and greens (604/3805/3345)
1108 (NN162) LEMON MERINGUE lt to bright yellows (745/726/742)
1112 (NN165) TEEKA aquas, lt green, yellow to orange (598/368/745/3825)
1126 (NN1741) RASPBERRY CREAM orchid shades (554/553)
1128 (NN176) LEGACY shaded lavenders (Anchor 108/109)
11311 (NN178) SUMMER FLOWERS soft greens to lavenders to blues (927/503/554/210/341)
1132 (NN1781) RAIN FOREST soft green, blue, mauve (503/932/3041)
1134 (NN1791) COSTA RICA shaded lt greens with violet (503/966/3743)
11351 (NN1801) COTTON CANDY palest purpled pinks (3609/3608)
1138 (NN183) MOSAIC rich aqua, green to purples (996/991/924/552)
Top to bottom:
11381 SEAFOAM electric blue, turquoise, teal green (996/3845/3849)
11382 BLUE SWIRL peacock, electric blue(3765/3843)
1139 (NN1831) TAPESTRY violet, blue, spruce green (327/3760/ 3814)
1142 (NN1841) DESERT FLOWERS lt coral, green, mauve (758/3813/316)
1149 (NN190) RAINBOW FAIRY muted rainbow (340/402/3053)
11511 JAM ROCK shaded green/yellow/watermelon (702/743/3705)
1154 (NN1931) BRADLEY”S BALLOONS bright rose, yellow, green, blue, violet (3804/742/702/322/553)
1156 (NN1941) BOTANIC GARDEN antique violet, green, beige (3041/3816/3023)
1158 (NN)195 GRAPE SHADES rich violet purples (553/552)
11611 (NN198) TROPICAL bright to hunter greens (905/890)
Please feel free to copy and print the following for your own use:

© 2008 Barbara Meger


ThreadworX overdyed floss begins as a stock color of Anchor cotton embroidery floss. ThreadworX, a company in Garden Grove, California, overdyes (i.e., adds other colors) this base color using the same dye formulae to produce the color blends originated by now defunct Needle Necessities. The new color (or colors) is applied by hand and worked into the base color. The dye color is unevenly spaced, allowing the base color to remain and to become an integral part of the color scheme. This differs from variegated floss that starts out as bleached or natural color thread to which blocks of color are applied in evenly spaced increments.


The joy of ThreadworX overdyed floss is that it changes color, meaning you don't need to stop and start and change thread colors as you stitch. Because ThreadworX overdyed floss randomly changes color along its length, its stitched pattern cannot be planned or anticipated. Every design is unique and spontaneous.

Use two, three or four strands, just as you would regular embroidery floss, depending upon fabric weight, design or desired effect. When strands are separated/stripped, make sure they are put back together in the same order for even flow of color.

ThreadworX overdyed floss is packaged in 20-yard skeins cut into 36" lengths. With care, the entire 36" strand may be used or it may be cut in half. Do not automatically tie off at the end of a row. Instead take a tiny backstitch on the back to secure the last stitch, invert fabric, and stitch back across the next row, adding new thread as needed. If each row is started in the same place with a new length of thread, stripes of color will develop instead of the desired arbitrary color placement.

To maintain color flow when starting a new thread mid-row, find the first color on the new thread that matches the one just finished. Snip off the new thread a quarter inch below the color change, knot it and resume stitching.


Try to select a geometric smocking design with an all-over pattern and without a lot of accents or details. This will give the color changes a chance to develop fully and to balance. Plaid designs also work well, as do those stitched on the diagonal.

Don't overlook ThreadworX overdyed floss for picture smocking. Any large area of color will take on added depth and texture with ThreadworX overdyed floss. Bears and fish immediately come to mind, but other figures could benefit as well.

Stitches with a lot of thread coverage that stay on top of the fabric display ThreadworX overdyed floss at its best. These stitches would include herringbone, surface honeycomb, van dyke, feather, etc. Basic cables, waves and trellises come out well, too. Don't expect to see the color changes develop in isolated embellishing stitches—like flowerettes. They don’t use enough thread. Instead you can choose to highlight a particular color on the strand and cut the thread before it changes color; or, use a solid color thread as a companion or contrast for accent stitches.


ThreadworX currently offers a palette of over 180 colors. The color combinations are taken directly from nature or existing objects and have wonderfully descriptive names such as Chili Peppers, Summer Skies, Wildflowers and Bradley’s Balloons.


Unfortunately no company can now guarantee that their threads are colorfast and not bleed or fade when wet. This is one reason that most clothing we buy says, "Dry clean only" on the care tag! The chemical compound needed for color fastness is highly toxic and no longer allowed by Federal regulations.

ThreadworX overdyed floss is thoroughly washed and rinsed to allow for as much color loss as possible before you buy it. If you are using ThreadworX overdyed floss in a garment that will be washed, you might want to take the following precaution BEFORE stitching:

Unwind the skein, put into a basin half-filled with cool water with 2 Tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 Tablespoons of salt. Allow to soak 1-2 minutes until saturated, remove, blot with towel and let dry.

Remember, hot water and using a steam iron can re-activate the dyes and cause bleeding, as will a hot clothes dryer. Just remember, ThreadworX overdyed floss is a specialty thread and thus deserves a bit of extra care.


This is a suggestion that may work (no guarantee). Soak the garment in ice-cold water until the color starts to come out. Then, rub ice cubes over the area and put the garment back into fresh ice water and soak again. Repeat this process until the area is clear. This could take a couple of weeks.

*For further information, see "Smocking Horizons: Smocking With Floss Overdyed" by Barbara Meger, Creative Needle, Jan/Feb 1993, pp. 21-23, 72.

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