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6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: Knowledge of basic smocking stitches.

What better way to learn and to showcase a variety of stitching skills than an old fashioned Christmas stocking! This generous 15" stocking features a toe smocked with interlocking diagonals using metallic thread and a textured reverse smocked cuff, duplicated from the instructor’s stocking in the White House permanent collection. Other decorative features are fagotted satin ribbons plus ribbons couched and appliquéd with versions of fly and feather stitches. The stocking is further embellished with a metal-lic tassel and a ribbon button. In addition to instruction in these techniques, students will learn some quick assembly tricks. Students provide pleated fabric and may choose between forest green or ivory moiré bengaline base stocking fabric.

Kit contents and cost: ivory or forest green moire bengaline, muslin with traced pattern, flannel interlining, cream or black 3/8” double-faced satin ribbon, gold or silver Kreinik ombre braid, gold or silver Kreinik #4 very fine braid, disappearing basting tape, chenille and darner needles, illustrated handout. $23.00

Optional/Supplemental kit: Pleated onyx black, black cherry or ivory silk dupioni. $12.00 [Must be ordered six weeks prior to class.]


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: No need to fear heights when smocking on a ladder! This class explores the little-used vertically smocked ladder stitch and takes it into new territory using the smocking stitches to attach ribbons. Be adventurous and learn that it is all right to break a few of the rules as you go backward and forward as well as up and down while you stitch! The class project is a small (2”) delft blue satin ornament stitched with silver Kreinik metallic tapestry braid to attach your white satin ribbons. Other possible applications of the technique will also be offered and discussed. NO pre-class preparation for this class!

Kit contents and cost: Pleated delft blue satin, a reel of silver Kreinik metallic tapestry braid, needle, Styrofoam® ball, and complete instructions including photo of the project. $12.00


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: What could be more elegant than a silken evening bag delicately smocked with metallic threads? This class focuses on different forms of the versatile smocked feather stitch—feather wave, slanted feather and diagonal feather—as they are manipulated into a fan shape that becomes the flap for the bag. Each form is stitched with a different weight of metallic thread in either gold or silver. Instructor will share tips and tricks of working with metallic threads. Students provide their own pleated fabric. This is one class project that you will surely want to finish!

Kit contents and cost: Three weights of Kreinik metallic threads in choice of gold or silver, #5 darner needles and detailed instructions including a pattern and photo of the finished project. $15.00

Optional/Supplemental Kit: Pleated and flat silk dupioni for bag in choice of black cherry, onyx black or ivory. $25.00 [Must be ordered six weeks prior to class.]


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan Points]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: Planning and preparation are essential to every successful project. In this class, students will plan and pleat a smocked bishop dress (size 1-4) using the instructor’s seamless-appearing-seams method. They will also receive pointers on selecting appropriate smocking design and thread color combinations. After blocking and beginning to stitch a chosen design (selected from among four provided or their own), finishing techniques will be presented, including seams, bias binding, plackets, etc.

Kit contents and cost: Illustrated handout to include tips for pleating and construction, four original smocking designs and reusable blocking guide. $14.00

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